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Mafia 613 4X4 Bodywave Closure

Mafia 613 4X4 Bodywave Closure

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Introducing our premium 100% Raw Mafia 613 Closure, meticulously crafted on an undetectable lace base, seamlessly blending with your natural scalp. Each strand is delicately hand-tied to the lace, granting you the freedom to style your hair in any desired manner. No need for glues or adhesives.

Available in lengths of 14”, 16”, or 18”, our closures ensure a flawless finish every time. Designed for durability, they are suitable for repeated use.

Please note that closure knots come unbleached.

Bundle Recommendations for a Full Head:

  • 14”-18”: 3 bundles
  • 20”-26”: 4 bundles
  • 28” and above: 5 bundles

Elevate your hair game with our Mafia Closures, where sophistication meets versatility.

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